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78 days ago
Benjamin C
Mark N After you've installed Neo4j type the following into the Neo4j browser:
Full version (to try at home) is:
There's also a hosted version here - https://neo4j.com/sandbox-v2/
If you need any help afterwards or if you'd like a complementary ticket for graphconnect.com send us an email:
Mark: mark.needham@neotechnology.com
Jesus: jesus.barrasa@neotechnology.com
Max H Next time
Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Add them here: bit.ly/next-journocoders
98 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by matteomoschella 98 days ago
Max H Using the Opencorporates API
105 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Max Harlow 105 days ago
You need to host your HTML+JS+CSS on a server! Can't run on local machine
Max H My mistake -- tutorial has been updated 
124 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ben Heubl 124 days ago
Max H Wifi
  • GuestNET
  • guestwireless
Journocoders January 2017
Introducing Flourish
Slack channel: journocoders.slack.com (ask an organiser for an invite)
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David B
Robin H Flourish
Alli S npm install -g @flourish/sdk
Robin H flourish register
flourish run example-template-circle
… hack hack… the preview should auto-reload when you change the code …
flourish publish . 
Get in touch at hello@kiln.digital, or @k_i_l_n on Twitter
Max H Next time
Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Add them here: bit.ly/next-journocoders
171 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ændrew Rininsland , Ben Heubl 171 days ago
  • In case you have a hankering for another NodeJS tutorial, I wrote this earlier in the week — it goes over how to convert Esri Shapefile (.shp) format to TopoJSON using the newest versions of the TopoJSON toolset.
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