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5 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by matteomoschella 5 days ago
Max H Using the Opencorporates API
12 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Max Harlow 12 days ago
You need to host your HTML+JS+CSS on a server! Can't run on local machine
Max H My mistake -- tutorial has been updated 
31 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ben Heubl 31 days ago
Max H Wifi
  • GuestNET
  • guestwireless
Journocoders January 2017
Introducing Flourish
Slack channel: journocoders.slack.com (ask an organiser for an invite)
Show and tell
Seen something good? Built something you want to show? Add links here!
David B
Robin H Flourish
Alli S npm install -g @flourish/sdk
Robin H flourish register
flourish run example-template-circle
… hack hack… the preview should auto-reload when you change the code …
flourish publish . 
Get in touch at hello@kiln.digital, or @k_i_l_n on Twitter
Max H Next time
Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Add them here: bit.ly/next-journocoders
78 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ændrew Rininsland , Ben Heubl 78 days ago
  • In case you have a hankering for another NodeJS tutorial, I wrote this earlier in the week — it goes over how to convert Esri Shapefile (.shp) format to TopoJSON using the newest versions of the TopoJSON toolset.
104 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ben Heubl 104 days ago
  • GIt & github
Elliot b
  • Mapping – where to find shapefiles, reducing the size
  • PGP keys for encrypted email 
Elliot b
  • High level charting libraries
  • Open Refine
  • PivotTables
  • Charting May election results
  • Writing a Twitter bot
  • CartoDB
  • Databases & SQL
Philip N
  • happy to help develop this but it's a but unglamorous :/
Elliot b
  • Responsive images
  • BBC juicer API
  • Data Wrapper 
Aime W
  • Tools for timelines
  • media law relating to the police (ie, what you can and cannot do in situations with police presence)
  • scraping with kimono
Philip N
  • kimono is basically dead
Eric H
  • Tableau (it is a data visualisation tool and I would be happy to teach it if anyone is interested).
  • Robot reporters
  • Command line for journalism
  • Cracking PDFs/Documentcloud/Cometdocs
Leila H
  • storymap.js
  • Neo4j
  • Raw/Circos
  • CSVKit
  • Pandas
Wong I
  • Google Refine... please! 
Pietro P
  • Bootstrap
Mevan B
  • How to find people... in the most stalkery way possible.. 
Elliot b
  • Analytics
  • Unredacting PDFs & Excel docs
Philip N
  • I think I said I could lend a hand with this. Probably got enough for ~20 minutes Journocoding, so we'd need a bit more to stretch it to full length
Pietro P
  • Sketch and wireframes mockups with Balsamiq Mockups
  • Regular Expressions (the "easy" way using variables to build more complex queries...)
  • Markov chains
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